Refund Policy

Our goal is to ensure complete satisfaction of our customers. If you are unhappy about the services we offer refund, We will refund the money provided if the reason is valid and proven after an the investigation. Be sure to read the term and condition of each contract before settling it. It contains all the information about the products or services you buy.

If you are dissatisfied with our services, customers have the option of cancelling their project and request a reimbursement from us. Our policy for refund and cancellation will be as the following:

Cancellation Policy :

For cancellations, please contact us by clicking on the contact us button. If we can’t deliver on time and we will investigate the reason you provided and cancel your order.

Refund Policy :

We will make every effort to come up with the best designs for our customers. If any customer isn’t completely satisfied with our products, we are able to offer an exchange or refund.

If you pay with credit card the refund will be issued to the credit card used during the transaction. when using a payment gateway the refund will be issued to the same account.